New Parishioners


Dear New Parishioners:
One of the most important parts of the Universal Church is the parish. This is because the parish impacts on people’s lives. It is in this setting that personal faith finds communal support. Here, together we receive the Body and Blood of Christ and listen to the Word of God proclaimed. Here, sins are forgiven in Reconciliation. Here, in the company of others, life’s most significant passages take on eternal dimension: the birth of a child in Baptism, the the reception of First Holy Eucharist, the beginnings of adulthood in Confirmation, the love of a man and a woman in Marriage, the passing of a loved one in Christian Burial.

The parish is a living, breathing entity because in it God interacts with His people. It is a mystery because people themselves are transformed into what they would not otherwise be: Christ’s Mystical Body — His hands and feet, His eyes and mouth, His ambassadors to this time and place.

A parish is also a family and like any family, functions most efficiently when all its members involve themselves in its life.

We welcome you to our family, the family of St. Mary’s Parish!

Fr. Matt Westcott, Pastor

If you are interested in joining us at St. Mary’s Parish call the Rectory (508-543-7726).