Religious Education

Religious Education Update

We understand that parents are burdened by the demands of adjusting their work and home lives to an ever-changing set of public safety guidelines and requirements. No one knows when things will return to normal or what a “new normal” might look like. We know that we can only plan for an extended period of uncertainty. Our goal as faith formation leaders is to assist families to pass on the faith while balancing curricular and extra-curricular obligations.

In an effort to reach this goal, we have followed the directives issued by the faith formation leaders in the Archdiocese of Boston and are excited to introduce a new family faith formation platform entitled, “Project Nazareth: Faith Begins at Home.” This initiative, developed by our archdiocese’s Faith Formation Team, will deliver weekly online resources geared to families with children in grades 1 through 6. These resources will give parents suggestions for how to Pray, Listen, Act, and Ponder with a given topic throughout the course of each week. Different series within Project Nazareth will explore the Gospel message, the Sunday Mass readings, and other special topics such as the Year of the Eucharist.

This is not just another lesson to be completed by children at home, but a way to weave faith into the fabric of family life. The program is intended to be completed as a family. The textbook supplied will be the Catholic Family Connections Bible (St. Mary’s Press), one per family.  Concrete ways to live out that week’s theme will be suggested, and as always, weekly Mass attendance will be expected. Two seasonal family faith activities will be offered on site at the church: the first during the season of Advent and the second during the season of Lent.

Children in grade 2 will be required to complete additional work as they prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. The Faith Formation Program for Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation students, grades 7 through 9, will be primarily online for the upcoming school year. Specifics on the programs and requirements for grades 2 and 7-9 are forthcoming.

St. Mary’s Religious Education program strives to bring God’s Word and the principles of being a good Christian in today’s world to our young people. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us during office hours.

Saint Mary’s Foxboro Religious Education Office

Religious Staff

Deborah Gilarde – Grades 1-2
[email protected]

Catherine Briggs – Grades 3-6
[email protected]

Julie Foley – Grades 7-9
[email protected]

Office Hours Phone Email
Monday - Thursday
9:00 am-3:00 pm
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In order to be enrolled for the upcoming year, all outstanding home program work needs to be completed.

Protecting God’s Children

Our Religious Education program is using the “Stay Safe Program” for Grades 1-4, the “Keeping
Children Safe” for Grades 5-8 and “Created for Love” for Grade 9 as mandated by the
Archdiocese of Boston. These programs teach children skills that will help keep them safe from
dangerous or abusive situations. Children also learn to ask for help when they need it.
Details of the programs and the materials to be taught during Religious Education are available
in the Religious Education office. Parents will receive a letter before the “Safety Class”. Parents
can choose to opt out of this class by signing the “Opt-out” letter that will be kept on file at the
Religious Education Office.


For All Grade Levels
Mass attendance is the central act of worship for Catholic Christians. It is stressed by Religious Education teachers at every grade level. The lessons take on real meaning only when students are encouraged to follow the example of their own parents and see them attending Mass regularly. For your convenience the Mass schedule at St. Mary’s Parish is as follows:

Saturday  4:00pm
Sunday  7:00am  9:00am  11:00am

We look forward to seeing you and your children.

Tuition payment is expected before classes begin.