St Mary's Relics

St. Mary’s Relics

There are three relics on the altar in St. Mary’s Church.  They are for Saint Christine of Persia, Saint Pius X and Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Christine of Persia


Saint Christine of Persia is a Christian martyr of the 6th Century about whom little is known.
She was flogged to death for professing the Faith publicly. Her feast day is March 13.

Saint Pius X


Saint Pius X was Pope from 1903-1914. He was most famous for combating the modern errors
of relativism and scientism. A holy and friendly man, he championed the frequent reception of
Holy Communion and lowered the age for 1st Communion to ‘the age of reason’, about 7 years
old. His feast is August 21.

Saint Francis Xavier


Saint Francis Xavier was one of the first seven Jesuits, along with Saint Ignatius of Loyola. He
had great success as a missionary in India and also preached in Asia. He is widely considered
one of the most effective missionaries since Saint Paul. He died in 1552 and his feast day is
December 3.