Transformed in Love

Transformed in Love is an engaged couple's workshop.  Our Marriage Preparation Team will present you with an opportunity to take a beak from the wedding plans, to look ahead together at the life you'll be sharing, to meet other engaged couples who are going through many of the same things you are experiencing and to meet married couples who have learned to work on their relationship and are happy being married.  Facilitated by a team of married couples from the parish, engaged couples spend some focused time spiritually preparing for their upcoming marriages with a range of activities in a combination of private, small group, and large group settings.

This workshop is divided into two sessions where the following subjects will be covered:
Expectations, Finances and Communication
What is Love? Marriage? the Sacrament of Matrimony?
Sexuality and Spirituality

Attendance at both sessions is mandatory and it is held in the Murphy Room at St. Mary's.  Enrollment is limited.  Registration will begin in late October.  Please call the Rectory for more information.